Utilizing Local Immigrant Community/Diaspora Resources

If you are researching an immigrant ancestor, and are struggling to locate a town or village of origin or information on their early life, you might want to consider utilizing local resources that document and preserve the particular immigrant community or diaspora that your ancestor belonged to. For various ethnic groups, community institutions arose overContinue reading “Utilizing Local Immigrant Community/Diaspora Resources”

Researching the Records of Displaced Persons (DP) in the Arolsen Archives

It is an understatement that the Second World War had an enormously devastating impact on the civilian population of Europe.  The impact, in human death toll alone, of the sheer and utter brutalities committed through Holocaust and other Nazi persecutions and war crimes, climbs beyond ten million people. Further, between 11 and 20 million peopleContinue reading “Researching the Records of Displaced Persons (DP) in the Arolsen Archives”


Are you researching Catholic ancestors in Germany or Austria? Matricula is one of the most indispensable tools in a researcher’s arsenal. This online portal contains a vast holding of digital fonds of Catholic church books across Germany and Austria, with free access to high resolution scans. Most of these originals are held in various ArchdiocesianContinue reading “Matricula”